Service Plus - Tyre & Auto Centre

Specializing in: All mechanical repairs. Servicing all makes and models.

4WD/Commercial Service
Replace engine oil and oil filter, top up fluids and written report.

Premium Service and Tune
Replace engine oil and oil filter, replace spark plugs and wiper inserts, check tune and diagnostics, and top up fluids.

Standard Service
Replace engine oil and oil filter and written report.

Automatic Transmission Service
Replace transmission oil and oil filter. Adjust as required.

Services Include

  • Handbook Servicing

  • Car and Bike RWC

  • Air Conditioning Service

  • EFI Tuning

  • Brakes/Clutch

  • Suspension

  • All Mechanical Repairs

  • Batteries

  • On Car Disc Machining

  • Diagnostic Scan Tools For EFI Cars

Prime Location

Waiting room with air conditioning, TV and couch, 50m walk to cafe', short walk to Epping Plaza and train station.