5 Basic Steps to Start Social Media Marketing

Is it your first time running a social media page for your business?

You may find yourself lost or think your campaign is not working but it is normal. Don’t lose hope in your social media marketing venture. Remember, over 4 million people are using social media today. Your target audience is now in the virtual space. To help you out on running a social media marketing campaign, follow these five basic steps:

Choose a social media platform

There are different social media platforms for you to choose. Each of them has their own strengths. In terms of network size, Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide. Instagram and Twitter have 300 million and 800 million users respectively. Other social media platforms include Pinterest, Google +, etc. You also have to know where your customers may likely be.

Customize your profile

Basically, you have to complete every detail asked by the social network. These are the most important things to comply:

  • Use an attractive photo – maybe your real picture, the company’s logo, a model, etc.
  • Always include a description – make it brief and concise, something that teases your consumers
  • Enumerate your products and services – it will also be helpful to include freebies, discounted deals, etc.

Connect your website

Before you start a social media campaign, make sure you have your own website. It is a great advantage to have your own blog or website as it helps you establish a good online presence. Now, link your social media profile to your website. This will help increase more traffic to your website.

Integrate social media buttons

You have to provide your customers a good experience with your social media page. Make it convenient for them by adding social media buttons. For example, you can add “Shop Now” or “Message” buttons on Facebook.

Share interesting content

Lastly, the key to a good social media campaign is good content. You have to update your followers with new content. Make sure they are interesting and catchy. We recommend producing videos that are viral-worthy.

These are just the basics of social media marketing. There are a lot of things you need to learn along the way.

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