Our Services

Service Plus is one of the largest marketing firms in Australia that specialize in pay-per-click marketing, particularly Google AdWords. Our primary goal is to help businesses promote their brand through Google display ads. We make sure that through AdWords, you can increase more traffic to your website and generate more income.

AdWords Tutorial

AdWords is generally easy. But maximizing your AdWord campaign is quite complex. There are a lot of things that you need to know to make your investment worth it. Basically, it’s not just about displaying your ads on Google. It always entails technicalities including the type of display, the keywords, etc. Service Plus is willing to help you in learning how to effectively use Google AdWords.

Keyword Search

Keywords are vital in running an AdWords campaign. You have to carefully select specific keywords to which you put more money. It’s not just any random word. But it also follows algorithms. Service Plus is engaged in the research of keywords trends that are used by most of your target audience. We will teach you what words to select in your Google AdWords campaign. We will also teach you the advantage of using negative keywords.

Campaign Evaluation

AdWords is measurable. You can always track its progress. On the other hand, Service Plus also uses specially-designed software that scrutinizes the effects of your marketing campaign. With this, we can identify if your campaign is a success or a failure. We can also provide you suggestions and recommendations to improve your marketing strategy.